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Representative Kelly Alexander

North Carolina House

After Hours Keynote Address

Meet us at the Cannabis Town Hall after the show on Friday. Network with industry peers and meet with NC House Representative Kelly Alexander.

Refreshments. DJ.

Sponsors, Vendors and Full Access Badge holders are welcomed. Also offered as a separate ticket.


Kevin Shankle

NOAH Brands

Growing Pains: Seed to Harvest. A lesson in farming.

NOAH Brands is the mother company that houses several unique entities within its network. Under the NOAH Brands label, we hold our premiere house brands of NOAH Brands, Auxo Wellness, Nomad Sticks & Gamma. It is our intention at NOAH to expand our reach in the cannabis space and forge impactful
relationships in every avenue in the industry.


Holly Shankle

NOAH Brands


Growing Pains: Seed to Harvest. A lesson in farming.

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Drew Bowman

Longleaf Provisions Co. | Cooperlake Cannabis | Twin City Treats

Forming meaningful partnerships in the cannabis space

Three brands with a focused structure designed to build collaborations and form partnerships amongst external partners to develop a stronger platform within the cannabis space.

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Hope Piggee

Canna Accounting Services

Don't Fear the IRS! Learn easy actions to keep your business in order

 So you are in cannabis! Doesn't matter. Can your run a business, successfully? Are your books balanced? Do you have a P&L statement? Get the basics to stay in the game!


Chris Suttle


Legalization in North Carolina

Chris Suttle is a true voice for the people, patients, and many small businesses that make up the NC cannabis industry family. He will kick start the event with his keynote address regarding legalization, unity and activism in the state and how he is taking steps to bring change for us all.

Sponsors, Vendors and Full Access Badge holders are welcomed. Also offered as a separate ticket.

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Kiah Tolliver


Tech in Cannabis

US Navy Veteran and cannabis entrepreneur, Kiah Tolliver is the keynote for the Women in Cannabis Luncheon. Her experiences, personal and professional, have led her to crafting one of the most well-known sale systems in the cannabis sector. 

Gender friendly. Sponsors, Vendors and Full Access Badge holders are welcomed. Also offered as a separate ticket.

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Nic Easley

3C Consulting

Eyes Wide Open: How to Strategically Enter the Emerging Cannabis Markets in the
Carolinas and Prepare Your Business for Long-Term Success

New doors to cannabis are on the verge of opening in the Carolinas and the surrounding states, and it’s imperative that businesses start preparing now for all the possibilities that this emerging market has to offer. There is a lot that the Carolinas can learn from the successes and failures of other state markets as the industry continues its fast-paced growth.

In this session, Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting, Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, will share his insights and advice from over a decade of experience in the operational and investment sides of the global cannabis industry. Nic will offer entrepreneurs strategic guidance on business planning, application preparation, team development, and regulatory compliance. Nic will also dive into an industry overview, an exploration of regional regulations, possible timelines, patient opportunities, and investment options.

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Amera Walker

Veterinary Cannabis 

Learn the benefits cannabis can provide to animals

With cannabis becoming an uproar, many pet parents are flocking to the idea of using hemp based products on not only themselves but their pets. My goal is to share insight on the many benefits cannabis can do in animals.

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Rick Rainbolt

Hemp Geo Institute

How to Develop and Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche

This session is designed to give attendees the fundamentals and pitfalls to avoid in the premium flower space. From facility development starting with the property needs through precisely controlling the environment, selecting genetics, plasticity, plant structure through perpetual programs and cultivation. Q&A to follow.

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Justin Esquivel

Green Luster Phenos


Justin Esquivel, founder of Green Lusters Phenos is an affiliate partner of Hemp Geo Institute, LLC. Within the “How to Develop and Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche” presentation, Justin
will speak on genetics and cultivation.

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Joslyn Brown

Blue Flowers

Cannabis Pharmacist and new cannabinoids

Joslyn Brown has a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Creighton University in Omaha, NE and moved to Charlotte with her family in 2014. Much of her pharmacist career has been focused on patient education and managing complex medication regimens, especially in patients who have received an organ transplant. Joslyn, along with her husband Colby, opened Blue Flowers in 2019 with the intent to provide high quality hemp products and education in a welcoming environment. Joslyn's own CBD journey started while she was looking for alternatives to prescription medicine to treat her Crohn's disease. Since then, she has delved into the world of cannabinoids to learn as much as possible, reduce stigma, and find a way to share the information with other patients.


Melissa Jones

Marque Media

Marketing Restrictions Impacting Growth

Marque Media understands how to navigate through the ever-changing cannabis marketing restrictions set forth in the space, and have seen first-hand how marketing and SEO are placing smart brands in front of a booming market.


Catherine Artzt

French Broad Cannabis

Planning a Successful Brand

What goes into developing a brand, a product from scratch? Now, make it successful. Let's look at strategies, turning a profit and the many lessons along the way.

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Fred Lowry

Lowry Drugs

Providing a clean product. A non-toxic, chemical free solution. Learn about new possibilities for your plant medicine by a local compounding pharmacist and grower.

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Shameika Rhymes

Check the Rhymes


Shameika Rhymes is a journalist and former television news producer (WJHL, WLOS, Time
Warner Cable News, Spectrum News).


Melissa Bartlett

Mahogany Essence


Melissa Jeffrey-Bartlett, co-host of the weekly podcast At The Round Table.   Her Alabama and Pennsylvania roots made the transition to a Southern city easy.  A tax analyst and owner of Mahogany Essence, she finds time to volunteer and contribute to several non profit charities that promote serving others. A huge supporter of the cannabis community and the natural medical benefits gained. She would say the most important duty or privilege is being a mother of two amazing daughters and a  wife.